Personal Training

60 minute personal training session


This session includes any and all assessments and fitness modalities that will best serve to achieve the desired outcome for the session.  With an hour session, a full workout can be completed.

Other session durations are available.

Pair and Couples sessions are available.

Free Consultation

Come in today for a FREE fitness consultation and mini-workout!  I'll take you through a series of exercises that give us a starting point for your fitness journey.  We'll also discuss your goals and vision for your transformation.  Call or text today to schedule!

Package Rates

Prepaid Packages save you time and money!

Package of FOUR 60 minute sessions:

$280 (Save $20)

Package of EIGHT 60 minute sessions:

$550 (Save $50)



Call or text to book your session today! (719) 761-8035


What is Personal TRaining?


Personal Training is when you allow me to apply my passion, experience, and knowledge of fitness and exercise to your goals.  Whether you want to lose some weight, crush a running goal, or just get fit, one-on-one or pair training is the best option out there.  Rather than a general workout that's effective for some people, you'll get personalized plans and nutrition advice from someone who has been through the same struggles you're facing.  And all of that in the comfort of a private gym - no judgement, no worries.

Avoid the Hype

I can help you get the results you want.  You'll see improvements in just eight weeks, but what you're really doing is starting a lifelong health transformation.  This isn't a catch-all plan or someone trying to sell you overpriced DVDs.  I'll train you to work out with what you have access to.  No expensive equipment at home - no problem.


Next Steps...

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